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Commercial Submetering

For larger scale municipal water meter projects we partner with Neptune Technology Group. Their water meter service group pioneered turnkey water meter installation projects and lead the industry in meter installation project management capabilities.

As a Neptune distributor for over 20 years, we are proud to not only endorse Neptune products, but their service capability as well. No one executes water meter projects as quickly and as accurately as Neptune does.

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Residential Submetering

A number of meter reading options were reviewed in the field, and through consultation with Evans Supply Limited, Sayland was able to narrow the technology decision to Neptune’s R900i wireless residential water meter. A twenty year battery life and matching warranty was important to Sayland’s long term management approach. The R900i meter is accurate to a tenth of a litre; captures real time consumption; tracks leaks; and sustained periods of zero or negative consumption. Based on demonstrated facts, the Board of Directors approved the project. ESL retained Parker Services* to replace all water meters in four working days.

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