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Water meter population analysis a daunting task at the best of times.  ESL Services can help.

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Utility customers often find water meter population analysis a daunting task at the best of times. ESL Services can provide a comprehensive analysis of water meter populations of any size without any site visits required.

With the use of Neptune’s patented Statistical Evaluation for Enhancement of Revenue tool ESL Services can determine meter accuracies within the population to within a 95% confidence interval without the need to physically test meters.

The SEER tool uses data from over 10,000 meter tests conducted throughout North America on various makes, models, sizes and ages of water meters.  The SEER tool incorporates a multiple linear regression analysis of the test results to determine the variables that most impact water meter accuracy.

ESL Services will format our customer’s water meter population database and run it through the SEER software.  The SEER software will provide an estimated accuracy for each meter in the population and associated payback if the meter were to be replaced with a new one.

Our ESL SEER expert will consult with the customer on the results to implement a targeted revenue enhancement program.  Priorities will be established based on revenue gain and payback.  Together we will identify possible meter failures, miss-applied or wrong-size meters.

Combined with ESL meter testing services, the customer can choose to randomly select a statistically relevant sample size of water meters.  The results of these physical tests can be used to support the SEER data and can be incorporated into meter change-out justification reports.

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