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An Evans Supply Case Study

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The Sayland Property Management group has been maintaining and improving condominium properties for over 20 years. They provide turn-key quality management service, and their technology expertise delivers significant savings to their clients. Sayland takes a proactive approach to condominium management that is well beyond the scope of other management companies in the industry.

The Challenge

One of Sayland’s townhouse condominium complexes in Etobicoke, ON required the replacement of 78 existing manually read water meters. For many years this condo corporation, like many in the greater Toronto area, relied on the accuracy and integrity of individual owners to report their water consumption using hand written cards. This allowed management to bill each owner for water used, assuming the readings were correct. The time required to obtain, verify and correct readings was lengthy, before reconciling totals with City readings could take place.

The City of Toronto supplies water to the condo through thirteen individual master metered water lines. The City meters were recently upgraded using wireless fixed based reading technology. This allows the City to read a master meter from a remote office every hour if needed. It was clear to Sayland that an accurate reading system for individual unit owners was needed to effectively reconcile total condo consumption with total City charges. Sayland’s base requirement was a twenty year proven track record of stable accurate reading technology. Also essential was the need to import and export readings to Sayland’s existing customized computer billing program. The last requirement was being able to obtain readings without entry into a unit to ensure timely and accurate water meter reads.

The Solution

A number of meter reading options were reviewed in the field, and through consultation with Evans Supply Limited, Sayland was able to narrow the technology decision to Neptune’s R900i wireless residential water meter. A twenty year battery life and matching warranty was important to Sayland’s long term management approach. The R900i meter is accurate to a tenth of a litre; captures real time consumption; tracks leaks; and sustained periods of zero or negative consumption. Based on demonstrated facts, the Board of Directors approved the project. ESL retained Parker Services* to replace all water meters in four working days.

The project required entry to 78 townhouse units, removal of all old water meters and replacement with new water meters plus installing new secondary water shut-off valves. There were zero errors and a lot of positive comments from owners. Sayland Property Management is now able to collect all water meter readings efficiently without disturbing any unit owners and readings are recorded with the utmost accuracy. By upgrading to new technology, management can now depend on timely and accurate water meter readings to reconcile accurately with the City bills and unit owner consumption.

About ESL & Parker Services

Evans Supply Limited (ESL) has been a proud partner to the municipal waterworks industry since 1992. Quality products and customer service have always been our main focus. Product technology is constantly evolving, and ESL works closely with our suppliers to remain current and up-to-date with our product training so that we can provide the best possible customer support for our product lines.

Parker Services has been in the water meter industry for over twelve years now.  Scott Parker is an expert in the field of water meter installation and replacement. Parker Services provides turn-key project management for small to medium size water meter projects. Parker Services’ track record is 22,000 plus trouble free meter installations to date.

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