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Service Box Locks

Now you can secure water service boxes quickly and reliably. This lock prevents unauthorized access to the curb stop.  Each lock is constructed of a heavy-duty outer shell that spins freely around an inner cap. This cap is threaded over the service box pipe in place of the normal service box lid.  The service box lock requires a matching key (tool) for installation and removal.  This lock is ideal for municipal water shut-offs due to non-payment or for preventing unauthorized use of curb stops at housing developments under construction.  Additional features and benefits:

  • Security install/removal tool can only be purchased by utility
  • All tool patterns are unique to utility and registered with manufacturer
  • Fits standard service boxes for curb stops
  • Easily installed in the field
  • Lock is re-usable simply remove lock and thread service box lid back on.  Move lock to new service box location.