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Hydrant Locks

This high security lock is designed to prevent the unauthorized use or theft of water from fire hydrants within a utility. Significant amounts of unaccounted and unbilled water in a utility can be correlated to unauthorized use of fire hydrants specifically in remote areas of the distribution system that are not practical to monitor on a daily or hourly basis. This lock is easy to install and is virtually indestructible.  It is designed to stay in place and removal is not required for hydrant operation therefore utilities must supply fire departments with matching hydrant lock wrenches. Additional features and benefits:  

  • Security install/removal tool and operating wrench can only be purchased by utility
  • All tool patterns are unique to utility and registered with manufacturer
  • Fits most standard hydrant styles and installs in minutes
  • No modification required to existing hydrants
  • Environmentally sealed and electro-plated to resist weather elements