Pro-Coder® R900i™

Pro-Coder® R900i™

The Pro-Coder® R900i™ combines the field-proven technologies of the Pro-Coder solid state absolute encoder and the R900® RF MIU into one easy-to-install, wireless automated meter reading solution. It also enables data logging with a rolling 96 days of hourly data from the meter.

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Evans Supply Limited distributes hundreds of specialty waterworks items throughout the province each and every day. We source products from manufacturers situated all over North America and make them readily available to our water and wastewater utility customers. Whether you require a product or tool in the water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant or out in the distribution system we can supply it regardless of how obscure it is.


Neptune Technology Group Inc. is a technology company serving more than 4,000 water utilities across North America. They make data actionable using effective software and hardware tools that are interconnected by a smart network, with expertise and experience specifically focused on the business of water.

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