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Plastic Pit Setters

One of the most important jobs of a meter pit setting in cold climates is to prevent meter and service line freeze-ups during the winter months.  The theory of the Ford pit design is that the depth of the service shall be below that of the lowest frost line and the heat from the base of the meter pit shall circulate and keep the meter setting above it from freezing.  The internal service lines are kept at a minimum of 2" from the pit wall, thus providing additional freeze protection.  The top of the pit is equally important. In colder climates, the double lid cover provides an insulating air space between the top lid and the interior lid of the pit.  Ford covers are also designed wider at the base than at the top which exposes as little surface area as possible to the cold outside air.

Customers can be assured that every installation meets their design specification no matter who installs the Ford plastic pit setter.  Installers appreciate the Ford pit setter because it reduces excavation time and requires only two simple service line connections.  Fast, easy, and versatile installation makes the plastic pit setter a great value to any utility or contractor.  This meter setting device also allows meters to be maintained easily while avoiding the safety concerns associated with entering the confined space of a vault.  

Additional features and benefits of plastic pit setters are:

  • Available for 5/8”, 3/4", 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” water meter sizes
  • Full range of inlet and outlet configurations for a variety of service line materials
  • Manufactured to customers depth of bury specification
  • Locking pit lid that is RF compatible
  • Custom configurations for meter setting, meter valves and check valves available