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Ford Meter Box

Transition Couplings

Cast Couplings offer an easy and economical way of joining pipe whether the pipe is of the same nominal size and type or different at each coupling end.  Suggested uses for Ford Cast Couplings include water main repair, joining of plain end pipe, valve and hydrant installation, and flexible joint installation at critical areas of water main stress.  Ford Cast Couplings are constructed entirely of ductile iron components permitting a strong and durable connection.

Ultra-Flex wide range couplings offer convenience, reliability, and inventory reduction. The Ultra-Flex can join virtually any two pipes within a nominal size.  The stab-in design allows quicker installation while the fusion bonded epoxy coating provides exceptional corrosion protection. The gaskets are lubricated at the factory so that no on-site lubrication is required. The unique gaskets seal on the pipe with fewer turns of the wrench. This allows the installer to use a standard deep-well socket, even when installing on pipes at the low end of the listed range.