The Signalizer

The Signalizer

Versatile & economical telemetry signal generator for encoder-type water meters. Features:

·        4-20mA flow signal output.

·        Pulse totalizer signal output.

·        Alarm signal output.

·        Pass-through port for an AMI/AMR endpoint.

·        Industrial DIN-rail-mountable case.

·        Compatible with all current encoder-type water meters.

·        High-resolution encoder register use is recommended.

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Evans Supply Limited distributes hundreds of specialty waterworks items throughout the province each and every day. We source products from manufacturers situated all over North America and make them readily available to our water and wastewater utility customers. Whether you require a product or tool in the water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant or out in the distribution system we can supply it regardless of how obscure it is.


SCADAmetrics® specializes in creating industrial-grade instrumentation that seamlessly integrates various types of flow meters, including those for water, gas, and petroleum, with SCADA, Telemetry, and Building Automation Systems. With a rich heritage in automation and controls, we possess extensive experience in devising innovative solutions tailored for the water, wastewater, energy, and building automation sectors.

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