Universal Duplexer for AMI Systems

Discover the potential of your AMI systems with SCADAmetrics's Universal Duplexer. Dive into efficient, multi-system metering and revolutionize your water management approach.

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Maximize the potential of your AMI-capable water meters with SCADAmetrics's Universal Duplexer (Model UDA) – the patented innovation enabling simultaneous, high-accuracy data transmission to multiple meter-reading systems. Designed for water utilities and bulk water consumers alike, the Universal Duplexer ensures all parties have access to reliable meter data when needed.

  • Universal AMI Compatibility: Seamlessly connects with every major AMI/AMR/Visual endpoint, including Sensus, Neptune, Metron-Farnier, and more, facilitating a versatile utility network.
  • Enhanced Data Access: Enables multiple entities to access accurate, revenue-grade readings from a single meter, optimizing data availability.
  • Advanced Functionality: Builds upon the success of the Radio-Read Filter with active electronic circuitry for a broader range of meter compatibility.
  • Sustainable Power Solution: Equipped with a 10-year*, user-replaceable lithium cell, the Universal Duplexer minimizes maintenance while providing consistent, reliable service.
  • Robust Construction: Encased in a weather-resistant, polycarbonate NEMA-4X housing, the Universal Duplexer is designed for enduring outdoor installations.

Ease of Integration and Compliance

Incorporating the Universal Duplexer Model UDA into your water metering system is straightforward and designed with compliance in mind. Its design facilitates a simple installation process that respects utility protocols and property rights.

Before installation, we recommend consulting with the water utility’s engineering department to obtain necessary permissions, ensuring a seamless and compliant integration. The Universal Duplexer is the key to unlocking advanced data sharing capabilities while adhering to industry regulations and standards.

Discover Advanced Metering with the Universal Duplexer:

Step into the future of water metering with the Universal Duplexer by SCADAmetrics. Ideal for advancing your AMI systems, our team is here to support your integration journey, ensuring a seamless fit for your specific needs. For expert guidance and a streamlined adoption process, reach out to us today. Discover how the Universal Duplexer can transform your metering capabilities with a personalized consultation from SCADAmetrics.

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