R900V4® RF MIU: Streamline Your Utility Management

Upgrade to Neptune Technology Group's R900V4® RF MIU for seamless utility management. Discover efficient, flexible solutions for water metering that enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Transform your utility today.

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The R900V4® RF MIU with wall mount by Neptune Technology Group is the cornerstone for modern utility management. It seamlessly bridges traditional systems with future technologies, providing unmatched flexibility and ensuring utilities are prepared for growth. This device simplifies data collection and transmission, making it an essential upgrade for efficient utility operations.

Efficient and Flexible

  • Advanced Dual Communication: The R900V4® RF MIU leverages a robust 1 Watt fixed network message capability, coupled with interleaved mobile messaging. This dual approach not only reduces infrastructure costs but also ensures seamless operation across different data collection methods, offering unparalleled operational flexibility.
  • Always Connected: With its capability to transmit meter reading data via both mobile and fixed networks, the R900V4® ensures that utilities are always connected, never needing reprogramming. This means utilities can migrate to new technologies at their own pace, without facing obsolescence.
  • Proactive Data Management: The MIU provides real-time access to detailed consumption profiles and timely alerts for leak or backflow incidents. This empowers utilities to proactively manage resources, anticipate customer queries, and swiftly address potential issues before they escalate.

Benefits for Utilities

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading to the R900V4® RF MIU is an investment in a solution that adapts and grows with your utility. It offers the perfect mix of efficiency, flexibility, and customer service improvement, making it essential for modern utilities. Ready to upgrade? Contact Evans Supply today to get started.

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