ProCoder R900i by Neptune: Streamlined Metering Data Collection

Discover the innovative ProCoder R900i by Neptune, offering advanced technology for accurate water metering. Improve efficiency and gain valuable insights into water usage with this cutting-edge solution.

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The ProCoder R900i by Neptune is a versatile combination of an absolute encoder register and a radio frequency meter interface unit (RF MIU), offering a simple solution for collecting metering data using multiple modes simultaneously. Its innovative design includes a high-resolution mechanical sweep hand to detect ultra-low flows and monitor flow direction, ensuring accurate readings over time.

Key Features

  • Flexible Reading Modes: With interleaved mobile and high-power fixed network messages, the ProCoder R900i allows seamless migration between walk-by, mobile, and fixed network reading modes without site visits or reprogramming.
  • Installation Ease: The ProCoder R900i is easy to install and requires no programming, reducing installation costs and minimizing tampering risks.
  • Accurate Data: Utilities can review an account's consumption by the hour with 96 days of profile information, along with alerts for leaks or backflows, enabling proactive issue resolution and improved customer service.

Advanced Technology

The ProCoder R900i stands out with its advanced technology, leveraging solid-state ultrasonic technology and a corrosion-resistant design. The use of solid-state ultrasonic technology, coupled with a factory-calibrated, replaceable unitized measuring element (UME), ensures a high level of accuracy that remains consistent over time. Additionally, its corrosion-resistant, lead-free, high-copper alloy maincase enhances durability, making it suitable for challenging service conditions. These features not only guarantee accurate and reliable water metering but also ensure longevity and minimal maintenance requirements, making the ProCoder R900i an ideal choice for improving metering efficiency and accuracy in various applications.


Designed for versatility, the ProCoder R900i is suitable for a wide range of applications, including cold water measurement in potable, combination potable and fire service, and reclaim/secondary water applications. Its compatibility with Neptune's R900 and CMIU systems ensures easy integration into existing setups. Additionally, the ProCoder R900i can be upgraded to the MACH 10 R900i for an integrated radio solution or the MACH 10 TC for Sensus Touch Coupler compatibility, providing flexibility and scalability for various metering needs.

Elevate Your Water Metering with ProCoder R900i

The ProCoder R900i by Neptune offers utilities a reliable and efficient meter interface unit for accurate water measurement and monitoring. With its advanced features, user-friendly design, and compatibility with Neptune's systems, the ProCoder R900i is the ideal choice for utilities seeking to streamline their metering data collection process.

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