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Pulse Jet Water Line Thawing

The Magikist unit provides the most effective safe method for thawing frozen water service lines. Without the fire risk associated with other thawing methods, the Magikist can be used on plastic service lines in addition to copper and iron.  The Magikist is designed to feed a spray head down the water line to the frozen section.  Once the spray head reaches the frozen section, high pressure is used to thaw the line.  Tubing is conveniently stored on a hand wind reel. The reel can be quickly interchanged with other reels containing larger lengths of tubing.  Additional features and benefits:

  • Completely self-contained one person operation
  • Stainless steel water supply reservoir (9 gal) with an immersion heater
  • Flow/Pulse control – high pulse for tube feeding or high flow for max thawing
  • Compact unit designed to be moved up and down stairs
  • Probe tip is self-feeding and self-centering
  • Standard 100ft reel plus optional 200ft reel for longer service lines