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LPD-CHLOR® Tablets

These tablets are designed for use with the LPD-250 and LPD-250A de-chlorinating diffusers for dechlorinating up to 4 ppm chlorine or chloramines.  LPD diffusers will consume approximately 10 tablets for every 10,000 gallons of water flushed.   When the tablet size reaches about half the original size add more tablets as needed.  No chemical is wasted as left over tablets can be reused.  Additional features and benefits:

  • Tablet size is 2-5/8” in diameter by 13/16” thick
  • Approximately 140 tablets per pail
  • Each tablet contains 81.3% sodium sulfite
  • Shelf life of tablets is one year
  • Also useable in 24 pocket de-chlorination mats