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Commercial/Industrial Water Meters

T-10 Positive Displacement Meter

Positive displacement (PD) meters utilize a nutating disc measuring chamber and a floating chamber design that is unaffected by meter position or in-line piping stresses. Nutating disc chamber designs offer the widest effective measurement of flow range. In addition Neptune provides a lifetime guarantee on the lead free bronze main case. All T-10 residential water meters meet or exceed the latest AWWA C700 Standard and are NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G and Annex F certified in all sizes. Neptune T-10 water meters are time-proven for accuracy and dependability.

  • Sizes: 1-1/2", 2".
  • Bayonet removable register mount.
  • Register upgrade without service interruption.
  • Tamper proof seal pin deters theft.
  • Lifetime guarantee on bronze meter body.
  • Bronze body - residual value versus plastic meters.
  • Electrical grounding continuity.
  • No straight run piping requirements.
  • Outperforms all other PD technology at low flow.